Ziva Meditation Review

Ziva Meditation Review

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Product: Ziva Meditation Online

Price: $399

Cheapest Place to Buy: Ziva Meditation Online

Length: 15 days plus ongoing community access and group coaching calls

Why it Works: Develop life long skills in just 2 weeks

Time Commitment: 15-30 minutes per day

Guarantee: Full 30-day money back

My rating: 9.6/10

Ziva Meditation Overview

I’m a guy who is wound pretty tight. One of those people that has a hard time sitting still or takes time to smell the flowers. I have my own business (two actually), am a father and serve on two volunteer boards. I strive to be a high performer and I enjoy life that way.

But it takes a toll.

I went through years of sleeping horribly. I’d wake in the night and my mind would start thinking about all my commitments. I would play out scenarios and have conversations with people in my mind that didn’t happen yet. I would go most nights during the week having slept only 3 or 4 hours.

Of course this impacted my performance at work. It also impacted my social life and even had an effect on those quiet moments with my wife.

It made stressful moments that much harder to deal with. And moments that had no stress, somehow, I could find some.

Over the years I’ve tried many forms of meditation to try to control my stress. Freebies on YouTube (some good, most bad), Calm and HeadSpace were the main ones I worked with. I found myself jumping from one to another, never really being able to stick with it.

That’s when I saw my wife reading an article about Ziva Meditation one morning. She told me it’s aimed at people that need to calm their mind and focus on things that are most important to them.

I did a some research of my own and decided, with the money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose

Ziva Really Grew on Me

To be honest, the Ziva story seemed a little too “Hollywood” for me in the beginning. I’ve always been cautious of pitches that are full of beautiful people telling you how great something is. So, I jumped off the website and found a bunch of regular people (just like you and I) who had used it with success.

I did something I’ve never done before. I connected with people through Instagram that are part of a Ziva Meditation group and asked them about it. For those that embraced the program, it was life changing to them.

I was convinced, so I decided to go for it.

The courses are released daily and I found them waiting for me each morning in my email. The lessons are about 20-30 minutes each and I decided to make them part of my morning before starting my day.

It took about 2 days for me to realize this was a style I had never experienced before. I found it nearly effortless right from the start. And it got easier the deeper into the program I got.

What I really like about it is I don’t have to do any of the stereotypical things associated with meditation like sitting, breathing and posing. Ziva is based on a “mantra technique” where I recite and repeat a word while collecting (and containing) thoughts.

But for me, the most powerful aspect of Ziva is the focus on manifesting. I had read about manifesting before, but never really knew how to do it. Until I discovered Ziva.

Manifesting is simply envisioning and intentionally creating something you want. Anyone can do it. For me, I work on manifesting a strong marriage, healthy life, success in business and the ability to travel. I work these manifestations into my practice every day. And I truly believe it’s working.

Ziva Meditation Cost Seemed Pricey at First, But it Won Me Over

The cost of the Ziva Meditation Online course seemed a little bit high and I was initially skeptical. But with the money back guarantee, I felt like the risk was zero.

After completing the course (and for the first time ever) I stayed with the program. I enjoyed it so much I changed my daily routine.

I get up earlier than I did in the past, and I find myself looking forward to it as I go to bed the night before.

My morning routine now looks like this;

  • 5:40am – Wake and have a banana and a glass of water
  • 5:45 – 6:15 I’m on the treadmill or doing light weights
  • 6:20 – 6:50 I do my mindful, meditation and manifestation exercises
  • 6:55 – Jump in the shower
  • 7:20 – Eat a healthy breakfast
  • 7:35 – Off to work

This has given me a grounded way to start the day and an ability to envision how I’m going to tackle it. And my stress levels are way down.

The big thing for me is I’m sleeping better. As a result I feel more focused on my tasks at work. This enables me to be more productive and patient with the daily challenges that arise managing a business.

It has also helped me socially. I no longer feel too tired to be with friends when opportunity arises. I look forward to it again. And it has made me a much better partner in my marriage.

Overall, my stress levels are down because I’m in a much better state to manage anything that comes my way. I know I can shape the day however I want it.

I Tried other Meditation Programs

There are other good programs out there. There is even some decent free stuff on YouTube. My challenge with YouTube is most of the meditations I used started and ended with an ad. That interruption or quick sales pitch really impacted the effectiveness for me.

I subscribed to Calm for a few months and I liked it when I used it. The sessions were good and the narrators had soothing voices. But what I discovered was it didn’t teach me to meditate on my own. I struggled to meditate if I wasn’t plugged into Calm. I felt like I couldn’t do it without someone guiding me.

I had the same experience with Headspace. It’s a good program, but really expensive in the long run. To use the service, you need to keep coming back.

But I wanted the skills to do it on my own. I was looking to create a good life habit and be mindful no matter where I was (the office, an Uber or whenever I needed it).

I didn’t know it when I was using other meditation programs, but the key for me to reduce stress and feel in control is the ability to manifest. And I’ve only found that in one place. And that’s Ziva.

For me, Ziva Meditation Delivers the Goods

I’m a believer in this program. The course is great, but I also get value from the Ziva community (15,000 strong).

The techniques I have learned help me manage my stress every day. I feel like I’m in control of my destiny. I am creating the outcomes I focus on in the morning during my sessions, and it feels great.  My approach to life has changed for the better.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, I recommend giving the program a try. It is easy to use, and it really helped me change my daily perspective. I’m happier, I sleep better, and things that used to seem like a big deal to me no longer are.

The great thing is the money back guarantee – which is what sold me on trying it. Use the Ziva program for 15 days and if you can’t make it work, you still have 15 days to get your money back.

But I bet you’ll experience the same success I have.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Ziva Meditation. If you have any questions or want to leave your own personal Ziva meditation review, simply leave a comment below.

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